AS OF AUGUST 10th- Zos Kias has officially moved to zoskias.com! Sorry for the inconvenience :D Please update your links!


*August 2: Well, GenCon was just as exhausting as Otakon, but probably a little more fun, haha XD Anyways, the pages are up as scheduled, and I am still pretending to work on getting the new website up. I'm hoping to get some work on it this week, so I can fix the link color issue at least, and start migrating some of the stuff from this site over to it. Just be on the look out, and I'll letcha know when everything is ready to go! Back to work!

*July 26: Otakon was alot of fun, but soo exhausting! I didn't sell at the con, just enjoyed it as an attendee. It was still fun to see everyone though. GenCon is coming up this weekend, then I finally get a brief break from events, hahaha. Anyways, lots of work to do!



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2014 Summer Character Poll
1) Kazehiko 27%
2) Randy 18%
3) Lily 9%
3) Natasha 9%
3) Nina 9%
3) Ryouga 9%
3) Storm 9%
3) Ryoma 9%

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