*February 22: Well, pages weren't acutally as delayed as I thought they'd be, haha. Up right on schedule~! Still gearing up to get all of volume 9 ready! Preorders will open in the next couple months, so be on the watch if you're interested. Other than that, not much going on :p

*February 15: More and more spats :p Apparently, Koutarou's bear arms gave a couple people a surprise, haha. Anyways, the pages are up, so commence reading~ I'm just storyboarding like crazy to get everything ready for volume 9. See ya next times!



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2014 Summer Character Poll
1) Kazehiko 27%
2) Randy 18%
3) Lily 9%
3) Natasha 9%
3) Nina 9%
3) Ryouga 9%
3) Storm 9%
3) Ryoma 9%

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