*June 29: Sorry about the website messing up again, arg. I'm really gonna start working hard on getting the new server all ready to go, since this one is giving me so many problems :/ I wanted to wait until I had volume 9 out of the way, and then I've just been hit with so much commission work, time hasn't happened. Please bear with me as I get it all up and order. All the pages are up there at least for the most part, just missing everything else, lol. GRASP Comic Expo was...interesting. Thanks for everyone who came out and supported me! I get a week off now, before I hit Ikkasucon. Ready to enjoy my holiday!

*June 21: Zos Kias' 9th Anniversary Cookout was a blast! Lots of fun and shenanigans, and of course, great food! Of course, it's actual birthday isn't until Jul 10th, but it's coming soon! Volume 9 is going to be in my hands shortly, too, so anyone who preordered it should be getting their copy (and their preorder bonus), shortly. That's it for now!




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2014 Summer Character Poll
1) Kazehiko 27%
2) Randy 18%
3) Lily 9%
3) Natasha 9%
3) Nina 9%
3) Ryouga 9%
3) Storm 9%
3) Ryoma 9%

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