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*March 30: We've gone into chapter 39! Not much to say about it, besides the fact that I am not looking forward to coloring Carcer and Tutela for several pages, haha. Preorders for volume 8 are open until April 30th~! All preorders come with a free bookmark of your choice :D Hoping to have them for ACen! Anyways, enjoy! BACK TO WORK!

*March 23: I think page updates will be pretty on the ball for a while, since I've gotten some stuff done ahead of time for the next volume. Working on getting the revision of volume 4 out now, too (since I just sold out of it XD ). Hopefully both volume 8 and the new volume 4 will be available by ACen~! Anyways, that's it for now!


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2013 Summer Character Poll Results
1) Kazehiko 33%
2) Randy 33%
3) Lillian 11%
3) Natasha 11%
3) Viridian 11%
3) Ryoma 11%

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