*January 18: Most of my time is being dedicated to Desert Tracer, but I got the pages up on schedule despite that! The news update was the thing that got delayed, haha. But how many people read this anyways :p Short and sweet, back to work!

*January 12: Sorry for the lack of news updates! At least the pages have been going up smoothly! The new year has already been pretty busy! Desert Tracer preorders are finally open! The cut off date is Jan 31st, so be sure to get your preorder in, if you're interested. Preorders come with bookmarks, too. Anyways, that's it for now! See ya next time!


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2014 Summer Character Poll
1) Kazehiko 27%
2) Randy 18%
3) Lily 9%
3) Natasha 9%
3) Nina 9%
3) Ryouga 9%
3) Storm 9%
3) Ryoma 9%

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