*December 14: I am officially done with my calendar! Woo hoo! Now time to get working on my christmas card to send it out, haha. Zos Kias won the poll for that this year, too, so more Zos Kias art to draw~! We made it to the chapter title page this week, I have a lot of fun drawing Lavendar, despite everything :p I also got to play with some Chinese fonts, which since I usually work in Japanese was pretty interesting (the fonts don't carry over for all the symbols). Anyways, that's it for now! See ya next time~

*December 7: Pages are up for the week! Preorders will still be open for the calendar, so be sure to get them in if you're interested before the deadline. At this point, any orders wanted for the holiday may not get there in time (in regards to books, art, etc), but if you are interested in anything, please let me know ASAP and maybe we can work something out. Anyways, that's it for now. See ya next time!


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2014 Summer Character Poll
1) Kazehiko 27%
2) Randy 18%
3) Lily 9%
3) Natasha 9%
3) Nina 9%
3) Ryouga 9%
3) Storm 9%
3) Ryoma 9%

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