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No matter how young something is, if it has fans, then there are questions! So, on these page, the most frequently asked questions will get some answers! Like most of these pages, there isn't alot up now, but in the future there will probably be a lot more, and when that time comes, it will be alot more organized, too. ~Kaze-kun

- What does Zos Kias mean...?
Zos Kias is taken from a "dead" cult called Zos Kias Cultus. Literally, it means something to the extent of "magic to yourself". Hence why I chose it. Also, this cult was created when a follower of Crowley's magick theory broke away. Most of the information and magick you will hear about in this story comes from Crowley's theory with little tweaks on it. So, it does have a meaning..XD but all truth be told, this title was not the original fact, it was like the 7th possibility! I held voting on my DA page to see what would win, and this was the winning title luckily (I like it X3). My orignal thought was actually to go with Carpe Diem...I'll just have to use that for another title X3 (it sounds to "drama-y" for this manga anyways...

-Umishin's name...?
"Originally, Umishin's name was Umiko. But that name was entirely thought up at a convention just so I could label the back of a sketch of him. Later, when I decided to start uploading art of him and thinking of turning his story into a manga...I asked my sisters Sakura and Himeko for their opinions. Both of them thought that the name 'Umiko' sounded like it represented a small, hyper-active FEMALE priestess. So, with the help of Himeko, I changed it to Umishin...which now instead of 'sea child' he is 'sea truth'...his name DOES have a meaning...I actually considered using the name Umiko for his being, but thought better of it and went with Crystal instead. And on another interesting point...Umishin's original design had him looking more masculine than Light! Of course, now that seems to have changed...and a lot of people have mistaken Umishin for a girl...ha ha! I need to work on drawing guys maybe?"

-Light's name...?
"Actually, Raijin, now Light's faithful cat, was Light's original name! At the very beginning, I was trying to make sure all of the names fit with the elements...but that has changed quite a bit and now some just fit with personality! But, anyways, I felt that Raijin sounded a little too...harsh...for him, so I decided instead to change it to Light...all about in the span of five minutes during an English class! An orignal possibility for Raijin's name was Storm...but that is now an entirely nother character who has yet to even come fact, it will be some time til he's ever even talked about! But, Raijin (thunder being) ended up fitting quite well with the cat...though the reason for that has yet to come up in the story! It will be in chapter 2!"

-What's with the panda!?
"Ah, so you noticed the panda on Kazehiko's desk in chapter 6, ne? Well, it was actually done as a bit of a joke for my friend Komiko. We are writing a manga together called 'Rakuen Ja Nai!!' and that panda is a big character in it. So, I guess we also got a plug in Zos Kias, too! But, Zos Kias is my main manga I do...ahaha!"

-Who is Kola?
"This seems to be something that's come up a lot since Chapter 13...There are many different gatekeeper organizations throughout our world. The main branch is the one located in Tokyo, under the guidance of Kuronin. Kola works under Kuronin, as her 'second-in-command.' Basically, the job that Kazehiko does at Zos Kias is the same one that Kola does in Tokyo, but on a much bigger scale. He's from a manga I sorta did with HiNoKo called 'Beyond Destiny's Chains.' If it ever gets posted anywhere, I'll let you know."

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